Brazilian Publishers Gravitate to Mexico’s Guadalajara Book Fair

With Brazil still immersed in an economic crisis, Brazilian publishers talk of the importance they see in attending the Guadalajara International Book Fair in Mexico. In the pavilion at last year’s (2015) Guadalajara International Book Fair. Image: ‘Giving Something Back to the World’ By Adam Critchley Thirty Brazilian publishers will attend the Guadalajara International […]

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Frankfurt Industry Notes: Sharjah GoH at São Paulo; Amazon Publishing Signs Strobel

Among stories coming out of Frankfurt Book Fair: a new liaison between Brazil and the UAE, and a German bestseller signs with Amazon’s Edition M imprint. Representatives of the United Arab Emirates, Sharjah Book Authority and the São Paulo International Book Fair signed their Guest of Honor agreement on Frankfurt Book Fair’s Thursday evening. Image: […]

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Brazilian Publisher Karine Pansa: ‘A Great Diversity’

As with other Brazilian leaders in publishing, Karine Pansa wants to reinforce the habit of reading among Brazilians and introduce the country’s ‘great diversity’ of literary talent to the world. Coastal Brazil near Rio. Image – iStockphoto: Gustavo Frazao In our series with specialists (analysts, visionaries, and players) who will tackle issues in the seven pivotal […]

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Diversity of Another Kind: The UAE and Brazil Explore Trade

When does looking outward answer internal struggles? When, as Emirati publisher Bodour Al Qasimi says, trade diversification answers a local crisis. Livraria Cultura: the flagship store’s interior at São Paulo, the Brazilian bookstore chain’s home city. Image: Emirates Publishers Association Diversification in Trade: ‘Mission Possible’ Ahead of the October 18 conference The Markets: Global Publishing […]

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Tokyo Art Book Fair This Week: Works ‘Lovingly Crafted’

Art book lovers head for the Tokyo Art Book Fair, which has a new award program from Germany’s Steidl Verlag, plus a Brazilian partnership. Catalogue collections from Blum & Poe, MIMOCA, and Curators are part of this year’s Tokyo Art Book Fair. Image: TABF site By Dennis Abrams | @DennisAbrams2 New Award Shortlist Draws From […]

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Arab Trade Delgation Reflects on the Latin American Market

On their first trade mission to Brazil, a United Arab Emirates publishing group found strong interest from Latin American colleagues in Arabic-Portuguese rights deals and translation. At São Paulo Biennial Book Fair in August. Image: Internacional Bienal do livro By Porter Anderson, Editor-in-Chief | @Porter_Anderson ‘To Explore Rights Deals’ When Publishing Perspectives spoke earlier this summer […]

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São Paulo’s Book Fair: Brazil’s Bid for Hope in a Tough Book Market

Amid falling book production, sagging sales, low readership, and higher book prices, one of Brazil’s key publishing events opens next week, the industry looking for ways forward. In Sao Paulo’s city center. Image – iStockphoto: Filipe Frazao As the Rio Olympic Games come to a conclusion this weekend, São Paulo’s big book fair is being readied to […]

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Rio’s Tomás Pereira: Decoding Brazil’s Beleaguered Publishing Market

A translation, ‘O Código Da Vinci,’ launched the fortunes of Brazil’s Arqueiro, an imprint of Editora Sextante, whose Tomás Pereira sees sales down 20 percent from last year. The eyes of Frankfurt this year are on Brazil’s book industry, along with six other compelling world publishing regions. In our series with specialists (analysts, visionaries, and players) on […]

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The Arab and Latin American Connection: A Trade Delegation Prepares

With a major Arab presence in the Latin American world, how much do the regions’ book industries trade? The UAE’s Bodour Al Qasimi leads a trade mission to Sal Paolo. In Sao Paolo’s Municipal Market. Image – iStockphoto: Felipe Frazao By Porter Anderson, Editor-in-Chief | @Porter_Anderson Latin America and the Arab Diaspora As our regular readers […]

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‘Expand the Number of Readers’: Brazil’s Miriam Gabbai

With economic shrinkage forecast to continue, Brazil’s publishing industry battles educational and distribution challenges: ‘We’ve had to reinvent ourselves,’ says a key player in the book business. In downtown Sao Paolo. Image – iStockphoto: Klaus Balzano In our series with specialists (analysts, visionaries, and players) who will speak to issues in the seven pivotal publishing markets of […]

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‘Promise, Energy, Surprises’: A White Paper on ‘The Markets’ 2016

Download our free white paper on the pivotal international publishing regions to be featured at Frankfurt Book Fair on October 18 in The Markets: Global Publishing Summit. A free copy of Publishing Perspectives’ white paper for Frankfurt Book Fair’s conference, The Markets: Global Publishing Forum, is available for download here. By Porter Anderson, Editor-in-Chief | @Porter_Anderson ‘New […]

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Flanders & the Netherlands


EU Court Decides in Favor of Ebook Lending; FEP Responds

The Federation of European Publishers argues that a recent EU court decision in favor of ebook lending through public libraries could negatively affect ebook sales. By Hannah Johnson | @hannahsjohnson Ruling: ‘Copyright Must Adapt’ On Thursday (November 10), the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) ruled that public libraries can lend ebooks, provided […]

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The Torch Passes to France: Frankfurt’s Guest of Honor 2017

A note of expressive defiance is heard as French officials take on Frankfurt’s Guest of Honor effort for 2017: ‘With Germany, we want the youth of Europe to stay open to the world.’ Frankfurt Book Fair’s director, Juergen Boos, looks on Sunday (October 23) as the GuestScroll is passed from Flanders and The Netherlands to France […]

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International Industry Notes: Frankfurt’s Guest of Honor Kickoff, PEN America’s ‘M Word’

In September, kickoffs will occur for a new PEN America showcase of writers on Muslim identity, and for Frankfurt Book Fair’s 2016 Guest of Honor Flanders and The Netherlands. By Porter Anderson, Editor-in-Chief | @Porter_Anderson ‘Stories From Countries Around the World’ With it’s theme of “This Is What We Share” (Dit is wat we delen), Frankfurt Book […]

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‘The Markets’ Announced for 2016’s Global Summit at Frankfurt Book Fair

Issuing a call for papers, Frankfurt Book Fair and Publishing Perspectives announce the seven-nation focus for ‘The Markets’ 2016. Regions highlighted include Southeast Asia, Europe, South America, and the Middle East. At Frankfurt Book Fair’s The Markets event in 2015. Image: Bernd Hartung By Porter Anderson, Editor-in-Chief | @Porter_Anderson Following the success of the The Markets: Global Publishing […]

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‘Draw That Roadmap to the World’: The Philippines’ Karina Bolasco

‘Our publishing industry is complex and vibrant,’ says the Director of the Ateneo de Manila University Press. Karina Bolasco speaks on October 18 as The Philippines’ analyst in Frankfurt Book Fair’s The Markets: Global Publishing Summit. Roxas Boulevard in Manila. Image – iStockphoto: Simon Podgorsek We begin a new series of insight articles today, in […]

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Flirting With New Readers in The Philippines: Wattpad Presents

The Wattpad Presents partnership with TV5 Manila dramatizes Wattpad stories for avid fans. By Porter Anderson | @Porter_AndersonEditor-in-Chief In The Philippines, Wattpad is known as much more than a huge online reading and writing community. Its arm called Wattpad Presents generates content for film and television productions. Announced in September 2014, the partnership sees TV5 Manila dramatize popular stories […]

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Polish Ebook Industry Eyes Brussels’ Proposed VAT Reduction

‘More beneficial tax terms will leave more money in the publishing market,’ says Poland’s ebook subscription retailer Mikołaj Małaczyński on VAT. Image – iStockphoto: Vladens The European Commission’s decision to allow VAT on ebooks to be aligned with tax rates on print books could be in force by mid-2017. Announced this month for European Union […]

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Poland’s Legimi Expands Its Subscription Service to Germany

With subscription plans based in page-read allotments, Mikołaj Małaczyński’s Legimi has begun moving beyond its Polish home base with a reported 100,000 or more German titles. Mikołaj Małaczyński. Image: Provided by Legimi In a soft launch featuring a dozen or so initial titles as an incentive, Poland’s seven-year-old ebook subscription program Legimi announced its entry into the […]

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Poland’s Beata Stasińska: ‘The Courage To Make Decisions’

The publisher of Poland’s edition of ‘The Black Book of Women,’ related to this week’s protests, Beata Stasińska talks of ‘the inscrutable fate of books.’ Polish Publisher Beata Stasińska holds Christine Ockrent’s ‘Czarna księga kobiet,’ ‘The Black Book of Women.’ Image: Provided by the publisher In our series with specialists (analysts, visionaries, and players) who […]

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Author Response Lukewarm to Poland’s New Library Lending Fee Program

Presented as an effort to collect copyright revenue from public library loans for writers and other workers in literature, Poland’s new program finds a slow uptake among authors. Image – iStockphoto: SutiChak By Jaroslaw Adamowksi | @JaroslawAdamows Only Some 2,300 Authors Have Registered To increase state support to local authors and publishers, Poland has launched its […]

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Jakub Orczyk: Are Publishers Failing Poland’s Digital Readership?

Poland’s K-12 schools are “the most obsolete places” in which youngsters spend their time, says Jakub Orczyk. And too many Polish publishers, he says, have missed their digital chance. Image from site In our series with specialists (analysts, visionaries, and players) who will tackle issues in the seven pivotal publishing markets of Frankfurt Book Fair’s conference, we […]

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‘A True Value Defends Itself’: Poland’s Jadwiga Jędryas

Determinedly offbeat, the Polish children’s publisher Dwie Siostry—created by three, not two, associates—embodies both the spirit of its market’s potential and the struggle of its economy’s realities.   A double-page spread from ‘Gabryś, nie kapryś!’ “for wayward children” shows some of the work for Warsaw publisher Dwie Siostry by author Woroszylski and illustrator Henryk Tomaszewski—for ages […]

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‘Daring To Speak Too Freely’: Poland’s Sonia Draga

‘Only certain aspects of Polish culture’ are supported by the government, says Katowice-based publisher Sonia Draga in her The Markets interview: ‘I am a careful observer.’ In Katowice. Image – iStockphoto: MN 12 In our series with specialists (analysts, visionaries, and players) who will speak to issues in the seven pivotal publishing markets of Frankfurt […]

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‘Bookstores Struggle To Survive’: Poland’s Magdalena Dębowska

Representing translation rights for contemporary Polish literature and co-owning a publishing house, Magdalena Dębowska worries that Polish readership ‘is at an historic low.’ Images from In our series with specialists (analysts, visionaries, and players) who will speak to issues in the seven pivotal publishing markets of Frankfurt Book Fair’s conference, we hear now from […]

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Warsaw’s Publishers Mount Their Own Bookstore Chain in Poland

Answering the dominance of two bookstore chains’ 400+ locations, Polish publishers create BookBook, their own chain, banking on ‘the unique atmosphere of our bookstores.’ A new BookBook location in Cieszyn. Image: Kazimierz Branny By Jaroslaw Adamowksi | @JaroslawAdamows Six Key Polish Publishers Pool Their Resources In a bid to challenge major chains that have dominated the country’s […]

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‘A Unique Market in Europe’: Poland’s Marcin Skrabka

A study in contrasts, Poland’s market is quick to respond to technology even while losing readership. Consultant Marcin Skrabka sees opportunity amid the challenges. Warsaw’s business district. Image – iStockphoto: Lena Serditova In our continuing series with specialists (analysts, visionaries, and players) who will speak to issues in the seven pivotal publishing markets of Frankfurt Book […]

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‘To Solve This Engagement Problem’: Lessons from Poland’s Multimedia

In looking at ‘how well the book can get along’ with its new multimedia neighbors, gamemakers say ‘a book is simply one of the requirements’ of good, engrossing storytelling. From the landing page of the Olive Green, Christopher Kenneally, host of Copyright Clearance Center’s Beyond the Book podcast series, speaks with two multimedia specialists from Poland […]

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Guadalajara: Latin American Literary Agencies Gain Traction

As has been evident in the rise of literary agencies at Guadalajara Book Fair, the road to international markets for Latin American writers is no longer strictly through Spain. Fairgoers enter Guadalajara International Book Fair, which this year featured all of Latin America as its guest region. Image: Gilberto Torres By Adam Critchley ‘Why Does […]

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A View From Within the Latin American Market: Base Tres

Supporting the explorations of publishing interests both into and from the region, Mexico’s Base tres consultancy sees a rising marketplace of diverse curiosity and potential. Image – iStockphoto: ktsimage By Porter Anderson, Editor-in-Chief | @Porter_Anderson ‘A Region Open to Other Literature’ During this week’s Guadalajara International Book Fair, one of the local publishing-services companies that industry visitors […]

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Ana Pérez Galván of Hispabooks on ‘What Inspires Us Most’

‘The Internet is a meeting point that didn’t exist years ago,’ says the co-founder of Madrid’s Hispabooks, helping to create ‘a growing culture of publishing in translation.’ By Dennis Abrams | @DennisAbrams2 ‘A Big Wonder for Me’ Ana Pérez Galván is the Madrid-based managing director of Spain’s Hispabooks, which she founded with editorial director Gregorio Doval in […]

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International Notes: IPA Blasts New Turkish Censorship; Amazon Awards Spanish-Language Fiction

International industry notes: Further action against media in Turkey prompts international publishers’ criticism Amazon KDP names a new recipient of its Spanish-Language award. On Istanbul’s Istiklal Street. Image – iStockphoto: MillionsJoker By Porter Anderson, Editor-in-Chief | @Porter_Anderson Turkey’s ‘Once Rich Publishing Landscape’ The International Publishers Association (IPA) has issued a condemnation of what it terms […]

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Cassanovas & Lynch: Younger Spanish-Language Authors’ Writings in Frankfurt

Works by critically acclaimed writers born in the 1970s from Spain and Argentina were among those showcased at Frankfurt Book Fair last week. In the Literary Agents & Scouts Centre, the “LitAg,” at Frankfurt Book Fair. Image: Frankfurter Buchmesse, Marc Jacquemin A reminder here that many more articles of this kind bring to light various elements of the […]

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Hay Festival’s Peter Florence: ‘A Huge Canvas To Work On’

As Hay Festival Segovia opens, Hay founding director Peter Florence talks about the festival’s global appeal, and about literature as “the most dissenting art form.” Peter Florence: Image: Hay Festival By Adam Critchley ‘Writers Destabilize, They’re Provocative’ Having started as an annual gathering of writers and intellectuals under canvas tents on the England-Wales border, the Hay […]

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Barcelona’s Daniel Fernández: Protecting the Essence of Publishing

As he contemplates speaking on October 18 at Frankfurt Book Fair’s The Markets conference, Spain’s Daniel Fernández talks of struggles in cultural shifts, copyright, and piracy. Daniel Fernández In our series with specialists (analysts, visionaries, and players) who will tackle issues in the seven pivotal publishing markets of Frankfurt Book Fair’s and Publishing Perspectives’ conference, we hear […]

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Blanca Rosa Roca: An Independent Publisher in Spain’s Recovery

‘It seems unlikely that the industry can make up for the 40 percent that has been lost,’ but Blanca Rosa Roca counts herself a survivor in a recession-ravaged marketplace. Last April in Las Ramblas, Barcelona: Saint George’s Day is when men give roses to women, and women give books to men. Image – iStockphoto: Jordi […]

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A Pre-Sales Record in India, an Unreadable Book in Spain

New book, old book: A quick-selling contemporary Indian book and a long-baffling ancient codex are in the news this week in international industry channels. By Dennis Abrams | @DennisAbrams2 At Amazon India: Record-Breaking Pre-Sales A new record in India: the English-language daily broadsheet DNA India carries a report that author Chetan Bhagat‘s novel, One Indian Girl, has become […]

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Telling ’21st-Century Stories’: Spain’s Javier Celaya

‘There is good news’ from the publishing sector in Spain, says The Markets’ visionary speaker Javier Celaya of And it’s ‘radically transforming the cultural sector.’ Javier Celaya In our series with specialists (analysts, visionaries, and players) who will speak to issues in the seven pivotal publishing markets of Frankfurt Book Fair’s conference, we hear now […]

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‘Habits of Culture’ and the Digital Dynamic: Spain’s José Manuel Anta

The impact of digital, the population’s loss of ‘cultural habits’ that support reading, and challenges to the supply chain: Madrid’s José Manuel Anta on the Spanish publishing market’s challenges. On Madrid’s Calle Preciados. Image – iStockphoto: Lord Kuernyus In our series with specialists (analysts, visionaries, and players) who will speak to issues in the seven pivotal […]

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Back to The FutureBook: Audio Gets Its Own Channel at the Conference

Amid rising audiobook sales, the FutureBook Conference’s focus on the sector offered upbeat statistics and audience demographics. Image – iStockphoto: Eska Milho As discussed in our preview of London’s FutureBook Conference, one of the fastest-growing sectors of the industry in the UK, USA, and Sweden is audiobooks. The Audio Publishers of America’s Michele Cobb, who […]

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Teaming Up: London Book Fair and Nielsen, Authors Guild and Media Coalition

The London Book Fair’s Quantum Conference and Nielsen’s BookInsights merge, while the Authors Guild and Media Coalition get together on freedom of speech. Nielsen’s Jo Henry speaks in the 2016 Quantum Conference at Olympia London. In 2017, Nielsen Book and London Book Fair join forces for Quantum: Consumer Insights and So Much More on March […]

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European Book Publishing 2015 Statistics: 22 Million Titles in Stock

Citing a market value estimated at €36 billion to €38 billion, the 2015 European book publishing statistics report from FEP counts 575,000 titles published. Image – iStockphoto: Antos 777 By Porter Anderson, Editor-in-Chief | @Porter_Anderson Germany, UK, France, Spain, Italy Lead According to a new survey report from the Federation of European Publishers (FEP), “The total […]

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Noir Press: Bringing Lithuanian Fiction to English Readers

‘Does a Lithuanian author stand a chance in the ocean of books on British bookshop shelves?’ Noir Press’ Stephan Collishaw says he has a good answer. From the site, Laura Sintija Černiauskaitė is the Vilnius-born, 39-year-old author who won the 2009 European Union Prize for Literature for her ‘Kvėpavimas į marmurą’, calling it “a […]

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Jantar Publishing and Central European Literature ‘Trapped in Amber’

Next year will see a strong step forward in the output of the translation house Jantar, which is concentrated on works from Central and Eastern Europe. Image – iStockphoto; Piotr_roae By Dennis Abrams | @DennisAbrams2 ‘Awaiting Discovery’ At Radio Prague, David Vaughan tells us that publishers who “focus on contemporary writing from Central Europe are […]

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‘Enthusiasm in Bucket-Loads’: Rising Star Tory Lyne-Pirkis

A rare combination—promotional excitement and enough honesty to know that the industry publishes too many books—is behind Tory Lyne-Pirkis’ success as a public relations ace in the UK book scene. Tony Lyne-Pirkins The Rising Stars program is a project conceived and run by The Bookseller in association with Frankfurt Book Fair. It recognizes emerging leadership in the UK […]

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Nigeria’s Bibi Bakare-Yusuf: ‘Our Brand Is Growing’

Having watched Cassava Republic Press grow for a decade, Bibi Bakare-Yusuf is focused on getting books into the hands of readers through international partnerships. Bibi Bakare-Yusuf By Mark Piesing | @MarkPiesing ‘Essentially a Collective Endeavor’ The independent publishing house Cassava Republic Press in Abuja was established in 2006 to challenge perceptions of African writing. Today, the […]

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International Notes: Cambridge University Press and Overleaf; FutureBook Awards

In three of Cambridge University Press’ journals, two having to do with political science, an Overleaf arrangement offers authoring tools. And a group of eight awards’ announcements are part of the FutureBook Conference in London. Image – iStockphoto: Rawpixel By Porter Anderson, Editor-in-Chief | @Porter_Anderson Scholarly Journal Author Tools Boston’s Overleaf, a scientific and scholarly […]

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‘Sell More, Serve More’: FutureBook’s Bracing Message

The 2016 FutureBook Conference in London held special urgency in a time of acute need, and described publishing’s mission—should the industry decide to accept it. The FutureBook Conference’s morning plenary watches a video with Tim Hely Hutchinson on not jumping at all that glitters-digital. Image: Porter Anderson By Porter Anderson, Editor-in-Chief | @Porter_Anderson ‘The New […]

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International Notes: PEN and Penguin, Publishers and Teachers

In the UK, the Publishers Association opens its ‘Textbook Challenge’ to the educational community, while in the States, Penguin Random House backs its people’s PEN memberships. Image – iStockphoto: eyefocusaz By Porter Anderson, Editor-in-Chief | @Porter_Anderson Promoting Freedom of Expression in the USA At a time when many in the industry feel new political pressures to […]

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Women Lead The Five Costa Book Award Shortlists

Two-thirds of the shortlisted candidates are women in the UK’s Costa Book Awards are women. And three in one category are former winners. The Costa Book Awards’ five shortlists comprise these 20 titles, four each in categories of Novel, First Novel, Biography, Poetry, and Children’s Books. Image: Costa Book Awards By Dennis Abrams | @DennisAbrams2 […]

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United Arab Emirates


At Sharjah, a Trump-Wary ALA Promotes ‘Libraries Transform’

The American Library Association holds its third Sharjah conference for Gulf region colleagues in the Arab world, cautiously worried at the US election news while busy transforming libraries’ purpose. The American Library Association’s Julie Todaro speaks at Sharjah International Book Fair. Image: Roger Tagholm Within days of the American Library Association (ALA) opening address that […]

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International Industry Notes: Award Winners at Sharjah; Dutch Publisher Succeeds Charkin at IPA

Awards recognizing UAE-specific work and international Arabic literature are announced as the International Publishers Association names its next president to a two-year term. Sharjah Book Authority’s Ahmed Al Ameri awards the Best Emirati Book honor to the UAE’s Basima Younis for ‘Until the End of the Month, in the ongoing 35th annual Sharjah International Book […]

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The UAE Exempts Books From VAT, Gives Workers Reading Time

Demonstrating ‘a deep understanding of the importance of reading to the health of societies,’ the UAE entitles its workforce to time off for reading. The UAE’s new VAT and reading measure was announced on the first day of the Sharjah International Book Fair’s two-day Professional Program, held at Sharjah’s Chamber of Commerce. Image: Porter Anderson By […]

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Sharjah Book Fair’s Professional Program: Boosting Business in the Arab World

In a combination of analysis, commentary, and rights-center deal-making, the 35th Sharjah fair clarifies issues and opportunities for industry growth. The Sharjah International Book Fair Professional Program’s invited audience arrives in the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce theater for the opening commentary on Monday (October 31). Image: Porter Anderson By Porter Anderson, Editor-in-Chief | @Porter_Anderson Subhed […]

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The UAE’s Walid Aradi: ‘A Transformative Time’

When ‘an increasingly globalized and educated population’ demands more, ‘publishers are faced with the challenge of redefining an industry,’ in the United Arab Emirates. Walid Aradi. Image provided by Tahseen Consulting In our series with specialists (analysts, visionaries, and players) who will tackle issues in the seven pivotal publishing markets of Frankfurt Book Fair’s and Publishing Perspectives’ […]

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Translation: Bodour Al Qasimi on a ‘New Impetus for Arab Publishing’

‘A culture without translation is a culture without windows,’ the UAE’s Bodour says. ‘This is a direct reflection of the challenges we face.’ Image – iStockphoto: Styf22 Scheherazade and ‘Global Fable’ As many international observers are saying in the run up to Frankfurt Book Fair, translation appears to be rising in the world industry. We see […]

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Embracing Technology and Arabic Culture, Lamsa App Gets Kids Reading

Driven by ‘a responsibility to encourage children to read and learn,’ Badr Ward and his Lamsa team offer a multimedia app for Arabic-language kids and parents. To ‘nurture and improve a child’s nature.’ Badr Ward of Lamsa In our series with specialists (analysts, visionaries, and players) who will tackle issues in the seven pivotal publishing markets […]

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‘Practical, Technical, and Philosophical’ Issues: Sharjah’s Ahmed Al Ameri

Aiming to create ‘a bridge between Arab cultures and with the rest of the world,’ Ahmed Al Ameri talks of his leadership of Sharjah Book Authority and his goals for Sharjah Publishing City. At Al Qasba in Sharjah. Image – iStockphoto: Hazimsn In our series with specialists (analysts, visionaries, and players) who will speak to […]

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‘The First Free Zone For Publishing’: The UAE’s Bodour

Nothing may sound better to publishers than the phrase ‘larger global markets for publishing,’ which Sharjah Publishing City is being developed to create. Bodour Al Qasimi speaks on October 18 as the UAE’s visionary in Frankfurt Book Fair’s The Markets: Global Publishing Summit. Sharjah’s Jubail Market. Image – iStockphoto: Mariemlulu In our continuing series with specialists […]

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‘Standing Firm’: Kinokuniya’s Hiroshi Sogo on Bookselling Amid Challenges

‘Heavy discounting will destroy market order, and idiotic populism will come to reign,’ says Kinokuniya’s Hiroshi Sogo, whose Tokyo base aggressively supports English and other-language work. From the corporation’s international site, Books Kinokuniya in the World When we last heard from Hiroshi Sogo of Kinokuniya in 2014, the Tokyo-based company was expanding its international base […]

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New UK-UAE Partnership: Bloomsbury and Kalimat in Translation Exchange

Both cultural exchange and commercial market presence are expected by Kalimat and Bloomsbury’s executives in an Arabic-English translation agreement. By Porter Anderson, Editor-in-Chief | @Porter_Anderson Exchange Opens With 10 Titles From Each Publisher Close on the heels of last month’s announcement of a cooperative venture between the UK’s Quarto andthe UAE’s Kalimat, another program—this time between Kalimat and […]

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